Without a doubt on how to Fit An Anderson Plug

Without a doubt on how to Fit An Anderson Plug

Charge your caravan’s battery pack or run your van’s refrigerator when towing by fitting an Anderson plug

Exactly what are Anderson plugs?

Into the days that are old individuals utilized to operate their refrigerator on gasoline if they had been on the go. Ever since then, we have all visited our sensory faculties and also you ought not to operate gas devices in a caravan whenever towing.

This left us caravanners having a dilemma – just how can the contents are kept by you of the fridge cold when you’re on the road? It is all well and good to hope the refrigerator will stay cool whenever you’re simply travelling a couple of hours, but on an extended drive on a hot time up north, it merely is not feasible.

The solution that is simple assuming your fridge will work on 12V – would be to wire up a 12V connection from your own tow car to your van. Even though numerous wagons have actually a 12v socket in the cargo area, this typically defintely won’t be good adequate to perform a three-way refrigerator into the caravan. The main reason? Voltage drop. The voltage fall across 4mm wire that is automotive the typical in a lot of automobiles – is too perfect for a refrigerator, whether or not it is an consumption refrigerator or compressor refrigerator. Continue reading “Without a doubt on how to Fit An Anderson Plug”