Q&A with Sex Tourism in Bahia writer Erica Lorraine Williams

Q&A with Sex Tourism in Bahia writer Erica Lorraine Williams

Erica Lorraine Williams can be an assistant professor of anthropology at Spelman university. She replied some questions regarding her guide Intercourse Tourism in Bahia Ambiguous Entanglements.

Q for the guide research you went to conferences associated with group “Aprosba” in Brazil. What exactly is this team?

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Erica Lorraine Williams Aprosba ended up being a company started by as well as for intercourse employees in Salvador in 1997. For over a ten years, Aprosba did important strive to increase the life and working conditions of intercourse employees in Salvador. Together with the Ministry of wellness, Aprosba raised understanding about safer intercourse techniques, along with the violence, discrimination and stigma that intercourse workers usually faced. Aprosba held regular meetings for intercourse employees where they distributed free condoms together with workshops on subjects including oral health, sexually transmitted infections, contraception, etc. The meetings additionally offered an essential area for politicization, bonding, additionally the sharing of real information. Aprosba would additionally journey to various points of prostitution into the town to circulate materials that are educational. When I had written in a line for the community of Cultural Anthropology, Aprosba has recently closed as a result of not enough financing.

Q exactly how is sex tourism linked to your economy for the Bahian money town of Salvador?

Williams Salvador, Bahia is extremely dependent that is much tourism. Intercourse tourism is component and parcel of this tourism industry. It really is woven to the textile of social tourism. Continue reading “Q&A with Sex Tourism in Bahia writer Erica Lorraine Williams”