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This document details functionality of v1.0 of the Reward APIs.

Reward APIs are designed to be REST-ful; its URLs follow predictable patterns and responses carry appropriate HTTP response codes, among other features that characterize the REST architectural style.

All responses from this API, including error messages, will be returned in JSON format.

API Key & Secret

Before you write any code, make sure you create your free Reward APIs account to retrieve your API credentials , i.e., your API key and API secret.

Be careful never to publish your API secret key as it uniquely identifies your account and will allow anyone with your API key to gain access to your account. If your API details are compromised, please contact us immediately.

API Requests

All API requests are made up of different components:

Request Data is observed in the following way:

Authorization consists of user’s access token which is obtained as a new reseller is added to the vendor’s reward system.

API Responses

Best way to learn an API is from an example and in this example we will see how response looks like when a promotion is awarded to a user.

In this example promotions 1,2 and 3 are awarded to the user.