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Our powerful APIs help you build the flexible solutions you would have built, if only you had more time.

Reward APIs makes it easy for companies and brands to increase customer loyalty and engagement.  You know your users so we stay behind the scenes to provide you with the loyalty management and gamification platform you need to get the most out of your application.

Our APIs furnish loads of functions, such as

  • Awarding
  • Adding and editing rewards types
  • Gift coupons
  • Milestone awards
  • Tier programs with perks
  • Manual awards
  • and much more.

Our one click redemption API makes it easier to get rewards to your users.  Here are a few of the other features:

  • Loyalty platforms using points system
  • Instant Redemptions platform
  • Compliance Surveying systems
  • Authorization for Reseller Programs
  • Automation saves time and money both in-house and for your client

We Thrive On Creating Flexible APIs That Produce Seriously Stable Results.

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Promotions tell a story, share a feeling and reveal information to your viewer.

Smart Marketing

Our APIs offer the functionality to add custom or pre built promotions to each reseller program individually. Make your customers more awesome!

Customised Rewards

Our smart API options allow you to quickly and easily customize reward types.

Choices Matter

Award types include Gift Coupons, Milestone Awards, Tier Programs with or without perks; and awarding manual points. We provide reliable and easy to use options.

Users and Staff Options

Adding multiple users have never been more easier.

User Flexibility

API integration helps you implement your application, loyalty platform, and add multiple users directly to deliver customized and personalized rewards instantly.

Customized Surveys

Our smart options allow you to quickly assess you app Usability!


Make your consumer promotion, System Compliance Recording, market research or employee engagement program work seamlessly for you by integrating with our API.

Smarter Incentives

Recipients can easily receive their rewards.

Smart Marketing

Robust reseller programs make it easier to provides a complete solution from company-side program development all the way to private, secure, instant reward delivery.

Reward APIs is your one stop for developing Loyalty Management Programs!

Reward Models

Through the flexibility of our API Platform combined with our development team capabilities,  we offer any Rewards Model customization that’s desired.

Easy Promotions

All Custom Promotions are built on our Promotions API, which means engagement and high volume are always a great thing, never a concern.

Auth Integrations

Authorization for Reseller Integrations can be complex to build and manage, but our developers’ team is always there to guide you through the process.

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